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Egypt's sports ministry has suspended all sporting activities in the country to curb the threat of a new coronavirus in the country. Sports federations in Rwanda were yesterday told to suspend all international tournaments, including the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and the African Champions League (ACL), until the end of the year. The Rwandan Football Federation (FERWAFA) took this step to "put an end to the witchcraft that is said to have burnt itself into the sport of football in this country." The decision was made in response to a report by the International Football Association (IFA), according to a statement on the official website of the Ministry of Sport.

He said the government encourages people to be active and participate in various sports activities, citing the example of Friday afternoons, when officials leave office to play sports, while the University of Rwanda, a state institution, does not even have a sports facility. Instead, most students meet in the morning and evening at the university's sports center to play sports. This is common in other parts of Africa, where sport is receiving less and less attention. We are helping to develop sport in this country and the region as a whole, "he said.

At the moment, only the Huye campus in UR has basketball playing in the first division, but there is no doubt that the sport has the support of the country's prime minister, Paul Kagame. The President is pleased about the usual donations from the Rwandan Football Federation (RFA), the Rwandan football organisation. He attends matches and even instructs and pays for them so that fans can enter for free whenever the home team plays.

Dusingizimana, who has played the game for more than a decade, says the future of cricket in Rwanda is bright. Sport is a great way to bring the country together, "he said, pointing out in a statement that cricket is one of the fastest growing sports in Rwanda.

I'm pushing for seven as well and trying to play for teams like Kenya and Uganda that are supposed to be in the World Series.

Kenya has had a dynamic cricket team since joining the ICC in 1981, reaching the World Cup final in 2003. The most exciting aspect is that the Rwandan team is ready to take part in the first ICC World Cricket League (ICC) tournament in Kenya.

Rwanda also hosted the CECAFA Club Championship in January last year and Kenya beat Rwanda's Patriotic Army (APR) to win the title. Rayon Sport will represent the country at the ICC World Cricket League (ICCWLC) tournament in Kenya next year.

While other key sports in Rwanda are basketball, volleyball and cycling, football is the king of the games and the most popular sport among young people in the country, especially in Kigali. Dusingizimana said he was attracted to the game after watching a match between the Rwandan and Kenyan national teams at the Rwandan national stadium last year. I don't think I know of any other football club where the goalkeeper plays for Rwanda. Enthusiasm for cricket has increased in recent years, with interest confirmed by the success of the Rwandan Cricket League (RNCL) and the World Cup in South Africa.

However, students at the University of Rwanda have complained that the institution has taken sports that affect their performance out of the programme in recent years. Jean Damascene Habyarimana, who is responsible for sport in the Student Guild of the University of Economics and Business, reiterated that the sporting activities are suspended and called for support.

Rwanda's sport was immediately promoted from the grassroots, and as a result regional football tournaments were held in Rwanda. It was also the first time that the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in partnership with FIFA, has recognized the efforts of those who dedicate their lives to helping women and girls in various fields, especially in sport. Rwanda has been strengthened and its country has been recognised as one of the ten best countries in the world in terms of women's participation in international sporting events.

Football, in particular, has helped to unite the people of Rwanda, who no longer talk about the past Hutu Tutsi group. Rugby continues to play its part in bridging the gap between the rival Hutu and Tatsi tribes, which were at war before and now live as neighbours. Sport has played an ever greater role in this process of protection, bringing positive values to children and young people living in refugee camps in Rwanda and to their families.

Rugby in Rwanda is still in its infancy and only became a full international in August 2015, but the future looks bright given the hurdles it has faced over the past 15 years. The game gained momentum when Rwanda joined the International Cricket Council in 2003. Rwanda's running culture may not be on its way to other countries in Africa.

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