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We have already written about all sorts of things to make a good Rwandan souvenir, but now is here where you can actually buy all these wonderful things. This list includes some of my favourite places to shop throughout Rwanda, from the most popular tourist spots to the best shops in the country.

The sellers are friendly, the souvenirs you find are not super unique, but they will make your family and friends happy. If you want the ultimate Kigali souvenir, you can also choose from the Kigsali menu. Azizi Boutique also sells it, and it is the only place in town where you can buy the unfolded version of the wall. This is a shameless plug, I am a big fan of the local coffee shop in the city centre

If you want to get your hands on something a little more - after browsing and shopping - you can make your own pottery on the great website that connects visitors with artisans in Rwanda. Take a look at this social enterprise that makes candles from recycled materials such as wood, wood chips, paper and other materials. If you do it Rwandan, you can do it differently, with the help of some of the local artists and craftsmen.

Kigali is not exactly known for its party scene, but there are a number of boisterous dance clubs and nightclubs if you know where to look. A visit here can be combined with a visit to one of the many restaurants and bars in the city, such as the Kibale Hotel. It's just a small shop But they are tables filled to the brim with food and drink, as well as coffee and wine. I was later told that Question Coffee is one of the few shops where you can buy pour-over equipment. Be inspired by Rwanda articles that will inspire and delight your friends and family, or some of Rwanda's articles for yourself.

Although Rwandans can buy foreign products on a number of foreign platforms, they say this is a problem that affects the shopping experience. It is easy to get frustrated with online shopping when so many American stores do not offer deliveries to Rwanda, but when you find a retailer, you often have to pay shipping fees, which can be expensive, making it difficult to find online deals. Rwandans order hot items such as clothing, clothing accessories and electronics from KiKUU, one of the country's largest online shops with over 1,000 stores and more than 2 million customers.

The decent shopping malls in Kigali are mostly high-end shops, which discourages people from going there, "Tengwa added. But we are lucky to have a wonderful little place like Kacyiru, which has been around for years.

In the centre is a lively sewing shop where local seamstresses transform batik - printed fabrics - into dazzling souvenirs. The centre also offers lively walks every day at 10 am, which take visitors through the neighbourhoods and life of Kigali. Inema Arts manufactures a wide range of clothing and accessories for women, men and children, as well as for men and women.

Head to Rwanda, where you can order bespoke designs to choose from between three and five a day, or browse the shelves. Caplaki's is a good place - stop shopping place - they have a lot of items in one place, so make sure you negotiate hard here! Sweep by and take a photo of yourself as is custom - appropriate for the time in Rwanda.

Abraham Konga sells jewellery made from old padlocks and recycled materials, and travellers can choose between customisable furniture with Rwandan patterns or choose to make their clothes in their shop in consultation with Umutoniwase. You can find clothing styles that are a little more practical for everyday life and support the three women's cooperatives in the store. Find a creative way to incorporate Rwandan fabrics in a modern way and get a wide selection of clothes for men and women.

No visit to Rwanda would be complete without a stop at the Kigali Genocide Monument, which commemorates the more than a million Rwandans killed in 1994 through education and peace-building. The excellent memorial centre is an essential starting point to put everything into context, but it is more than that, as one local put it. In a way, it's about much more for visitors and expats - it's about educating the next generation of coffee professionals in Rwanda and maintaining the country's remarkable winning streak.

The Kigali Cultural Village offers a special space for local artisans and grocers to exhibit and exchange their wares, and has a number of stalls stocked with a wide range of local and international food and drink, as well as art and music. Rwanda has one of the largest and growing art scenes in the world, so dive into one or more of its many galleries and museums for a few hours. KiKUU offers sales services that allow you to sell your goods in your local branch in Rwanda or through its online shop.

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