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The Rwandan National Park is home to a growing number of endangered mountain gorillas and borders Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There are large gorilla groups in Uganda, but there are also great experiences in Rwanda. Rwanda claims the world's third largest gorilla population in Africa after Kenya and Tanzania.

Visitors to the Volcanoes National Park can also hike to one of the five volcanoes in the park or visit the ancient Musanze Caves to learn more about gorilla tours in Rwanda. If you are looking for an adventure - an enjoyable trip to Rwanda, don't miss a visit to Volcaoes National Park, where Rwandan gorillas tour the country. You could link Rwanda with the Democratic Republic of Congo and climb Nyiragongo, but you can spare yourself a little longer in Rwanda. Kigali can be combined with gorilla trekking for five days, which can be a great experience for those who have a little more time.

A visit to the volcanic national park in Uganda is more convenient if you also visit other parts of the country, such as Kigali and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We suggest spending more time in Volcaoes National Park, but there are many ways to choose a more relaxed trip to Rwanda, such as a trip to Nairobi, Kampala or Nyanza.

On the edge of the volcanic national park there are also numerous villages where you can take a look at the authentic life in rural Rwanda. If you visit Volcaoes National Park in Rwanda to see gorillas, consider visiting the Iby Iwacu Cultural Village to explore the culture and lifestyle of the Rwandan people.

Although it is only a day trip, the Ethnographic Museum and the National Art Museum are nearby and are part of guided tours in Rwanda. Rwanda is a small country, so they are always available, even if you are watching a different scene. On the border between Congo and Rwanda there are five volcanic lakes, each with its own attractions. Lake Ruhondo and Burera are also worth a visit when in Rwanda, and both are worth a visit.

Other important destinations where tourists interact closely with wildlife include Kigali, a volcano national park in northwestern Rwanda, which has the largest population of golden monkeys in the world, and a number of other species. The other remaining population of golden monkeys is inhabited by a small population on the Rwandan side of the border with Rwanda, but trekking with golden monkeys is worthwhile. Akagera National Park is the only national park in Rwanda where you can see the big five animals. Those who fail to do so must travel to Rwanda's borders with the Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo to find out.

Twenty gorilla families live in an area of 62 square miles, making up the bulk of the mountain range that straddles the border between Rwanda, Congo and Uganda. Rwanda's national parks are home to an increasing number of endangered mountain gorillas, while the borders with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo divide a large part of their territory.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be done in about 2-3 hours drive from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to compete with neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although there are some well-known gorilla trekking destinations, Rwanda's national parks and national park system outdo all. The other 11 unique attractions of Rwanda are a must for anyone interested in nature conservation, wildlife tourism and tourism in general.

The mountain is an extinct volcano located at the foot of Mount Gahinga, one of the highest mountain ranges in the world, and therefore hikers can climb the mountain throughout the country. The highlight of your tour in Rwanda is the fact that you can track down mountain gorillas in the volcano national park. Sitting on the top of an endangered mountain gorilla, the Great Gorgon, in Kigali National Park is an undisputed highlight for any visit to Rwanda. By visiting the volcanoes and national parks, you will have the opportunity to see various attractions within the park, including Rwanda's gorilla families, which are usually found on different slopes, and other gorilla species that occur inside and outside the park.

Volcanoes and national parks are the most popular destinations in Rwanda, and many tourists visit the specially guided gorilla tours that take place throughout Rwanda all year round. You are a great place to protect yourself during your gorilla safari in Rwanda and track down mountain gorillas in the national park.

The most important and difficult place in Kigali is the Genocide Museum, which is considered the best museum in East Africa, as it was the first museum in Rwanda to be opened. There are 6 fascinating museums that make up the National Museum of Rwanda and tourists can't miss their guided tours. The Ethnographic Museum of Rwandan History is one of the most beautiful exhibitions to see during a visit.

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